2 Reasons To Consider Buying A Mobile House Instead Of A Site-Built House

2 Reasons To Consider Buying A Mobile House Instead Of A Site-Built House
March 29 13:16 2018

Financial advantages

When you make up your mind and start thinking of buying a house, you realize money (or the lack of it) matters.

However, whenever you start making a plan, whatever that plan is, you are going to find –hopefully- many options to ensure your idea can pass from sketch to reality.

One of those options if you are planning to buy a house, and you have a short budget, are mobile houses.

The first thing you think about when you hear about a mobile home it is wheels, but gladly not all mobile homes need wheels.

There is a wide gamma of mobile home out there in the market waiting for you to make your dream come true.

Mobile homes are 10% to 35% less expensive than a site-built house, and whatever the reasons that are so, in the end, you get your dream house for less money.

Another important thing to consider, if you have a short budget, is that you can buy a mobile home without buying the land to place it, fortunately, you can rent a piece of land to place you dream house, which in the beginning saves you an important amount of money.

Nevertheless, while mobile homes are affordable and easy to build, it structures it is also lighter, meaning, it can´t take a hit the same way a site-built house, and depending on where your planning to set your house, the weather it is a major hindrance to consider.

With that in mind, you should consider adding to your budget a mobile home insurance to protect your investment from the weather, structural damages or any other unforeseen inconvenience that could affect your dream house.


When you are planning to build a site-built house, you start from the bottom to the top.

You first buy the land, level it; prepare it to build your dream house. Notwithstanding, if you are planning to build a mobile home, you can start upside down, because -as stated before- you can rent the land where you are going to place your house.

Usually the land it is ready to build, giving you the chance to choose the model, and the shape of the house you are going to set on it.

Another aspect to consider it is time. A mobile home takes from six to ten weeks to be built in a factory, so if you are in a hurry, this could be a very important issue to consider, because in site-built houses may take longer to build.

Likewise, if your family grow in time, a mobile home is designed to grow either, without affecting the original design of the house.

Finally, with all the different models available out there on mobile homes, most people won´t even realize whether if your house is a mobile home or an in site-built house, if by any chance that is an issue to you.


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