An Art Deco Kitchen is Not a Distant Dream Anymore – 3 Ways to Design

An Art Deco Kitchen is Not a Distant Dream Anymore – 3 Ways to Design
April 16 06:30 2019

“Art deco kitchen”, this particular term has been doing round in the market for a while now. From different designers to interior designing bloggers, everyone is talking about it. But what exactly this style is all about? When you are thinking of art deco kitchen, the first thing that will come in your mind will be the kitchens that are shown generally in television or in the glossy interior designing magazines. The kitchen with all its unearthly glamour and splendor and with the right touch of contrast and texture, this is what you see in these kitchens.

Now, if you are thinking of having such a kitchen, it often feels like a mind-boggling idea. Why? Achieving the classy, elegant and glamorous décor is not a child’s play in actuality. It becomes quite difficult when you don’t know where to start. That is why getting help or reading inspiring ideas is necessary. So, here, I am about to share with you some ideas for an art deco kitchen which you will find surely helpful. Take a look.


Repeated Geometric Pattern

If you are thinking of getting the art deco vibe in your kitchen, it is necessary that you think of using repeated geometric patterns. In a kitchen décor, there are many places where you can use this style. From ceiling to floor, from lights to the backsplash, you can use the geometric pattern everywhere. The patterns like rounds, arches, triangles, pyramids, and rectangles should be seen everywhere. If you are thinking of getting the effect with minimum effort, then you can do it with the help of the tiles.

Bold Colors and Contrast

Achieving this is not at all difficult in your kitchen décor, especially if you are thinking of adding some amazing cabinetry in your kitchen. If you are planning to add some stunning stark contrast in your kitchen, then go for naturally darker hued cabinets. For example, if you are planning to create a flawless white wall, then going cherry kitchen cabinets will be a great option. Cherry wood is naturally darker hued with a grainy texture. The red-brown hue actually becomes even darker with more and more time. The wood, as its natural characteristics, ages with time and thus become darker in color. With a white wall, the cherry wood will create the perfect contrast which will make your kitchen automatically gorgeous.

If you are planning to add some warm color, then going for the walnut cabinets can be a great idea too. The warm grainy texture will wrap up your kitchen in golden-hued warmth that will add up to the welcoming cozy feel of an art deco kitchen.

Dramatic Luxurious Finish

To exude a dramatic luxurious charm from this kitchen, you can look for the stunning accessories that can become the focal point in your kitchen. For example, you can add a classic engraved mirror on the wall. Or go for a statement clock on the wall that will be vintage in appeal. If your kitchen is spacious enough, you can easily think of adding a bar in your kitchen. Surround the bar counter with arm chairisque seats. This can be the perfect way to exude the luxurious accent. If you are looking for a simpler way, then and the bronze or brass finished hardware, handles and faucets can be the best option. Added with the dark cabinets and fixtures, they will perfectly complement the décor.

So, now as you know about these three ways to design your art deco kitchen, what are you waiting for? Use these ideas while designing the kitchen and purchase the right tiles, accessories and wholesale kitchen cabinet. You can thank me later.

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