How Asbestos Survey Reports UK Can Be Beneficial for Asbestos Management?

How Asbestos Survey Reports UK Can Be Beneficial for Asbestos Management?
February 22 14:36 2016

Asbestos survey is an integral tool that ensures you effectively handle ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) for assessing risks associated and to develop strategies for treating them in a competent manner. Therefore, the purpose of an asbestos survey is to

  • Discover ACMs, and record what they are, where they are present and in what percent
  • Understand how accessible they are, condition and possible surface treatment &
  • Record the type of asbestos by presuming or sampling them.

Going for survey is a crucial step because asbestos can be a hazardous compound which can drastically affect you. Hence, to avoid the adverse effects of this compound there are many non-domestic structures that have made asbestos survey reports UK an essentiality.

What Are The Different Types of Asbestos Survey in UK?

There are basically two types of survey conducted for asbestos. For every building owner, duty holder or surveyor it is important to understand the type of survey that is required, where will the survey be done and what records should be present.

These two types are:

Management Survey

This survey determines the presence of asbestos during the normal operation of the premises or equipment, and ways to manage them without altering the operations. This why with the help of Management survey you can ensure that ACM remains at a specified place, nobody disturbs it and ultimately no one is harmed by the presence of ACM in the equipment or premises.

There are various phases in this survey. The first phase is to locate the area where the presence of asbestos is felt which can be damaged by normal operations, foreseeable maintenance or installation of new equipments. The second phase is to determine how harmful the impact of asbestos can be for the workers nearby and then the final step is to implement remedial work for the purpose.

Demolition/ Refurbishment Survey

The asbestos survey UK report becomes of utmost importance when part of the building is being demolished/ refurbished or upgraded. Important thing is that these type of survey do not require any sort of record. Rather the surveyor inspects the premises and identifies those structure where traces of ACM may be present.

After all, according to the Building and Development Council of UK any non-domestic area should be certified by a surveyor as fit for construction and the same should be reflected in the survey reports before carrying out construction.

Asbestos Awareness- Why is it important?

Besides having accurate survey reports it is beneficial to be aware of the impact that asbestos can create, along with other vital information such as techniques that should be adopted by workmen so as to ensure that they do not disturb ACMs while performing their usual work.

Each year there are many professionals who often get affected by asbestos due to lack of awareness, such as Demolition Workers, Plumbers, Construction Workers, Electricians, Gas Fitters, Roofers, Ventilation and Heating Engineers, Plasterers and many more. Hence, do make sure that you go for reliable asbestos survey UK report that will not only provide you a clear picture about the composition of asbestos in the premises but at the same time make you aware of the useful techniques for tackling it.

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