Can’t Sell your House? Cost Effective Revamp Ideas

Can’t Sell your House? Cost Effective Revamp Ideas
October 04 09:49 2017

The housing market in the UK is awash with properties, as people wish to upgrade, or emigrate to other lands, and if you want a quick sale, your property needs to be in good shape. Home staging has become a popular way to showcase a property with a view to a sale, yet this is expensive and often beyond the average homeowner, and if you would like to spruce up your home before it goes on the market, here are a few cost-effective ideas to give you some inspiration.

  • Resurface the Driveway – The exterior is more important, as it is the first impression for any potential buyer, and if the drive surface has seen better days, this would be the place to start. If your home is located in Norwich, MW Surfacing offer a comprehensive service at an affordable price, and they will ensure that the exterior view is one that will attract the viewer.

  • Pressure Clean the Roof – Roof tiles become dull after a while, and by hiring a local contractor to clean the roof with a pressurised water cleaner, you can restore the roof to its original condition, and it won’t cost much more than evening out. Replace any defective guttering, and perhaps place a few hanging baskets in strategic locations, and make sure the front is clean and presentable.

  • The Garden – While you might not want to spend a fortune on something you won’t see the benefits of, a good tidy up wouldn’t go amiss, and anything you can do to make the residence more appealing is welcome. A local gardening contractor could put things straight, and if he popped round once a month, the garden would always look presentable.

  • Interior Options – Obviously, you want the interior to be clean and presentable, and have some photos done after a spring clean, and these can be used for any online real estate sites. Of course, you could home stage, and although it is expensive, some sellers simply add the cost to the sale price, and having a professional company stage your home will certainly make it a very attractive proposition.

  • Deep Clean the Carpets – This isn’t an expensive service, and the clean, fresh smell makes it value for money. People notice smells, and while the occupants will not notice anything unusual, a stranger will immediately pick out any pleasant (or unpleasant) odours, and they are mostly coming from the carpet. There are local companies that will spring clean your home, and it only takes a weekend, and won’t break the bank, and a Google search will put you in touch with a suitable contractor.

There are many estate agents, but choose carefully, as a good broker will have a wider exposure, and if you ensure the property is looking good, the viewings will hopefully result in a quick sale. Always remember to showcase the home as much as you can, and sooner or later, someone will fall in love with your living space.

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