Choosing Electric Fencing For Your Home

Choosing Electric Fencing For Your Home
February 27 16:51 2016

Choosing an electric dog fence starts with a visit to the veterinarian. Though a fence installation can be a great solution for keeping your family pet within your property’s limits, it might not be recommended for all types of dogs. When you get the confirmation from your veterinarian, you can begin browsing through your available installation options.

Electric dog fences are divided into two primary categories: wired and wireless fencing systems. In both systems, your dog wears a collar with a receiver built into it, which gives the dog a mild electric shock as a form of negative reinforcement. In a wired system, similar to a farm fencing system, you have the chance to customize your enclosure parameters. A durable wire is installed along the perimeter of the yard, which allows the dog to make full use of the intended outside space. In a wireless system, a transmitter is installed in your home or garage to create a circular field around the property. Wireless systems are quicker to install and generally more cost-efficient than wired systems. They are also considered to be a faster solution to wandering animals.


Before beginning your electric fence installation, you can look into a variety of additional features. Safety and reliability are important considerations in the system’s features. Because wired systems must stay connected, a break can cause the fence to malfunction. Installing an RF Choke allows you to find breaks in the wire similar to metal detecting. Other additional options include backup battery supplies, which can keep the electric fence going if your property loses power.

According to Farm Supply Store, lightning protection is also beneficial, as electric fences are particularly sensitive to power surges, which can stop the fence from keeping your dog within your yard.

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