Converting Your Loft Makes So Much More Sense Than Moving Home

Converting Your Loft Makes So Much More Sense Than Moving Home
May 07 07:29 2015

Often when faced with a choice in life we create a list of pros and cons so we can make a sensible and informed decision on what would be best. When our clients have performed this task over whether to convert their loft or to move home, we’re delighted to say that they chose to do a loft conversion. So what are the main advantages? The following is a list of what has to be considered:

  • All money spent on the loft conversion increases the value of the property, whereas the average cost of moving in fees and taxes that you never see again is £30,000. That extra £30,000usually gets added to the mortgage, which limits the value of properties you can consider moving to.
  • Physically moving home is a massive upheaval and something nobody enjoys doing. You have to start packing weeks in advance and you live your life waiting for the move before you can live normally again.
  • If you have to change location, even though it is still a London Borough, you have to go through the rigmarole of changing schools for the children, new doctor, new dentist, and other important people in your life.
  • Changing address on all documentation and legal documents, plus banks, insurance companies, utility providers, the list goes on……
  • Changing yours and your children’s social lives. Often a move three miles down the road can make a huge change to how often you see friends, mainly because three miles in London is the same as thirty miles in the country!
  • Getting to know all the foibles of a new neighbourhood – best place to get certain everyday essentials, etc.
  • Getting used to new transport routes.
  • Getting used to new neighbours! Unless your current neighbours are the reason you are leaving, consider that until you have moved in, you are unlikely to know anything about your new neighbours, and especially if they enjoy playing loud music late at night.

So, after reading all that, perhaps giving us a call at Touchstone Lofts doesn’t seem like such a bad idea and we’d be delighted to come round and carry out a free and no obligation survey to give you a good idea of the type of attic conversion we could carry out for you.

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