Creating A Contemporary Garden

Creating A Contemporary Garden
April 24 14:21 2015

What Is A Contemporary Garden?

A contemporary garden is simple, minimal, symmetrical and balanced. A contemporary designed garden is very stylish and design lead, which makes a bold statement in your garden.

This style works well for town houses and modern homes which are either large or small in size. But it is not such a good choice for country or period properties.

Follow Our Tips To Create A Contemporary Design:

Contemporary gardens are created through structure, landscaping and design. The planting is also an important aspect and we will discuss the planting choices you should use later on in this article.

Structure: Create a strong design as the frame work for your garden, remembering less is definitely more when it comes to creating a contemporary garden. Think formal garden style – balanced, pure, repeated planting and keep it simple and uncluttered.

Landscaping: To get the urban look use; modern material such as slate, metals, glass, decking, gravel and stone. Avoid anything cottagey or rustic.

Design: The overall look should be simple, tidy, and symmetric, balanced and have a formal design.

Plants: When choosing plants follow this simple formula: evergreen plants, limited colours, use plants as focal points and use structural planting. Choose plants that provide shape and texture, the plants listed below are essential in creating a contemporary garden.

  • Spikey plants
  • Tropical plants
  • Grasses
  • Topiary
  • Clipped box hedges
  • Evergreen plants

Colours: A modern colour palette would include white, grey, black and any vibrant colour. Use the vibrant colours in the hard landscaping and when choosing plants steer more for greens, blacks and whites, keep the colour choice for the plants to a minimal.

Finishing Touches: Less is more with this style but by all means add a great focal point to make a statement.

Some good ideas are:

Now you are prepared you can go ahead and design your very own contemporary garden. Good Luck!

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