Everything about Pool Automation

Everything about Pool Automation
May 08 15:18 2015

Are you sick of constantly cleaning your swimming pool? With a pool automation system, you no longer have to. By automatically filtering and sanitizing the water, pool maintenance has never been easier. There are many benefits to having a pool automation system, including a safer swimming environment for you, your family and your guests. A pool automation system allows you to spend less time cleaning the pool, and more time enjoying it.

Pool safety is important, to ensure the health and well-being of those who use a swimming pool. This is the main reason for considering a pool automation system. As a pool owner, being aware of
chemical levels, water filtration and contamination is critical. By keeping an eye on chemical levels, including pH and chlorine, issues such as skin irritation will be minimized. It is also important for a water filter to be fully functional. Water filtration is the process of constantly pumping water through a chemical filter, removing any unwanted debris or bacteria. This provides a clean and clear swimming environment. Lastly, being aware of water contamination can help prevent diseases. Contamination is generally caused by environmental sources or bodily fluids. Unfortunately, having to be aware of all of these factors is inconvenient, costly and sometimes stressful. Thankfully, pool automation can help. By automatically measuring and maintaining the integrity of your pool, a pool automation system allows you to provide a consistently healthy swimming environment.

A pool automation system works by carefully assessing the integrity of a swimming pool, before taking action. The main factors it will consider are chemical levels, water levels and contamination. When considering chemical levels, pool automation will assess the cleanliness of the water and adjust the appropriate chemical levels. When assessing water levels, it is important for water to remain at a consistent level, so as to not damage filters or cause a swimming pool to overflow. Lastly, contamination will be filtered out through a water pump, to prevent water-borne diseases from spreading. All of these factors no longer have to be manually handled, thanks to pool automation.

A pool automation system provides great benefits to pool owners. Pool maintenance is an integral part of pool ownership and, thanks to technological advancements, is being streamlined. The benefits of pool automation include providing a safer swimming environment, versatility over static pool cleaning systems, low maintenance, lower costs and additional convenience.

  • Versatility – Depending on situational circumstances, a pool automation system will accurately adjust the required chemical levels and water levels to a safely appropriate level
  • Less maintenance – Pool automation allows pool owners to focus on more important matters, as pool maintenance is automatically carried out
  • Improved safety – Providing a safe swimming environment is one of the most important aspects of owning a pool. Pool automation ensures safety is a priority, without the associated labor
  • Low costs – Environmental awareness ensures that no excess chemicals are used during automatic pool maintenance. Pool automation also provides on-demand maintenance, as opposed to constant maintenance, lowering electric and water costs
  • Convenience – Pool automation can sometimes be controlled online or via mobile phone. Having remote access allows for greater flexibility

Pool automation is fast becoming the most efficient way of maintaining a swimming pool. By lowering the associated inconvenience, costs and stress, more time can be spent enjoying your pool. Whilst there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to pool safety, automated pool systems ensure a safe swimming environment each and every time. On top of a clean swimming environment, pool automation provides many benefits that allow you to streamline pool maintenance.

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