Home Upgrades that Will Increase Your Value

Home Upgrades that Will Increase Your Value
January 24 16:30 2019

Increasing your home value is important. This is done by making some upgrades which will prove to be beneficial in the future. Look over your budget, spend at least an hour with an expert and decide how to increase your value. These are some of the things you should consider doing since homebuyers give them more attention. Remember there are budget-friendly solutions for everything.

Here are the 4 home upgrades that will increase your value:

  1. Window Replacement

If you live in an old house, you probably have old or damaged windows. Today buyers want an energy efficient home and window replacement is a good way to achieve this. The best energy efficient windows have vinyl or fiber glass frames. They last longer and require less maintenance than wood. Sometimes change of glass is necessary because, with the development of technology, newer and more energy efficient glass is being put in to practice on a daily basis. Be a part of the latest trend. Put focus on the type of window. Choose awning, casement, sliding, picture, double hung or many more. Windows play a key role in your house hold since they are a factor for the amount of lightning and ventilation that comes in.

  1. Floor Upgrade

The National Association of Retailors made a study in which is shown that 54% of buyers are willing to spend extra money ($2000) on homes with hardwood floors. Furthermore, a study made by the National Association of Home Builders shows that 87% of buyers want hardwood floors. Get rid of the carpeting, especially in the living room and hallway. Install hardwood or even laminate and be careful of different types of flooring touching each other. Amazingly enough that’s a tale of horror for homebuyers. Floor upgrades is a high returning investment. There is a certain trick for floor upgrades if you are low on your budget which is putting cheaper vinyl or linoleum flooring that mimics hardwood while presenting it as an eco-friendlier solution. And if you are REALLY low on your budget then simply get a paintbrush and paint over those nasty looking floors. It will give a newer and fresher look.

  1. Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen and bathroom are one of the highest selling points. The kitchen should be bright and practical. Think of putting casement or awning windows in both bathroom and kitchen, they give unobstructed views. Renovate your old cabinets as much as you can. If it is affordable for you and if they are really old start thinking of replacement. Make your countertops granite or pulverized quartz and the color scheme simple and modern. If affordable install a small bar or kitchen island, that will definitely increase your kitchen value. For the windows in the bathroom the same goes as the kitchen. Awning are soothing because of their size and provided ventilation. Remodel your tiles; install floor heating, Jacuzzi or double sinks if you can. Consider thinking about adding a second bathroom instead of remodeling the old one. Note: Energy efficient baths and sinks add more to your home’s value.

  1. Curb Appeal

The first impression is the most important one. Give attention to the outside look of your home. You can increase your curb appeal for a low budget too. Paint your door and window frames (you can also put interesting shutters on the windows). Install fences and gates, this is a major security and aesthetic boost up. Fix your garden, pathway and driveway, put on some window boxes and planters. Redecorate your porch, make it symmetrical and pleasing for the eye to attract more attention and increase your home value.

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