House Cleaning Tips – Best Cleaning Companies

House Cleaning Tips – Best Cleaning Companies
November 12 17:49 2015

House cleaning is a job that seems to be very tiring and boring. It is a task that no one likes to do but knows that it is essential to have sparkling clean living conditions for family members, especially the kids and pets. If you want to have totally clean house but hate to spend a lot of time cleaning, here are some tips and tricks to make cleaning easier and quicker for you.

Hire Cleaning Company

You can hire a cleaning company to clean your house. In Norway you can get Renhold Bergen services also in stavanger

Cleaning mirrors

Dirty mirrors can upset the mood of everyone in the house. You do not need expensive cleaners to wipe out marks and stains from your mirrors. Just water and old newspapers are enough to do the trick. If stains are tough, you can take vinegar in place of water.

Cleaning windows

Dirty windows give a very bad look to a room. If you have not cleaned your windows for some time, all you need is soap solution and a scrubber to make the glasses of your windows sparkling clean. Do not use newspapers to dry out the windows. Instead, make use of micro fiber to leave your windows dry and super clean.

Cleaning bedroom

‘Made up bed’ gives the impression of a clean bedroom. The best way to keep your bedroom clean is to never leave crimpled bed sheets over the bed. Keep only clothes that you wear frequently in the drawers and get rid of unnecessary and unused items to keep your bedroom clean and organized.

Cleaning small toys

There are many small toys and other objects in the room of your kids that are not used frequently. These things become very dirty after some time. It becomes very tiring to clean them up individually by holding them in your hands and removing the dust over them. Instead, drop all the tiny toys and objects in a laundry bag and place them inside the washing machine along with detergent. All the toys and lego pieces will come out sparkling clean.

Cleaning the blades of fans

You hate all the dust that sticks over the blades of fans and comes out and spreads inside the room on the floor when you try to remove it using a piece of cloth. Find old pillow cases that are not used any more to wipe away all the dust from the blades of fans without creating a mess over the tiles. Simply throw the pillow cases after cleaning the blades.

Cleaning your iron

Has the metal of your iron become dirty and makes it difficult to cleanly iron the clothes? There is a trick that will clean up all the dirt that your iron has accumulated. Just place some salt over the ironing board and iron this salt without using the option of steam. All the dirt sticks to salt particles and your iron becomes sparkling clean once again.

Cleaning pet hair

Damp rubber gloves pick up pet hair like a magnet. Just wear these gloves to remove all pet hair from the furniture and the carpets.

If you do not have the time to do proper cleaning of your house, leave the responsibility to Smart MS, one of the top Rengjøring Bergen companies.

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