How House Proud Are You?

How House Proud Are You?
April 24 14:24 2015

The English Dictionary States:

House-proud >Definitions:

proud of the appearance, cleanliness, etc, of one’s house, sometimes excessively so.

Does the definition in the English dictionary describe you? How much time and money do you spend per annum on your homes appearance? Finding the right balance of having a tidy and clean home and not being obsessive about its appearance is most definitely the best way forward.

It is not unusual for today’s modern families to find that both adults tend to go work, so the share of housework and maintenance chores is equally divided between them. With modern women taking on what was once considered a “man’s job” for example plumbing, car maintenance and decorating the responsibility of maintaining a home is now placed on both women and men.

No one wants to be in a home where they feel unwelcome because the owners are so precious about its appearance. But on the other hand neglecting your home is not advisable either. Letting home repairs and cleanliness slip can cost you money, affect your homes safety, have an impact on your health and become a danger to yourself and your family.

Top 10 most popular maintenance issues that go unattended;

  1. Decorating
  2. Poorly fitted locks on windows and doors
  3. Fence painting
  4. Cracks in plaster work
  5. Poorly fitted porches and door canopies
  6. Broken bathroom fittings
  7. Unkempt gardens
  8. Squeaky hinges
  9. Dripping Taps
  10. Leaks

None of the above is that hard or expensive to fix and should be dealt with as soon as the problem occurs. What might start out as a very small leak could turn into burst pipes and a very expensive flood problem.

If you are not into DIY and really can’t face the task of maintaining your property, then find a local handy man. It may cost you a few pounds but keeping your home in good shape not only makes it a more pleasant and safe place to live; it will also guarantee when you come to sell that you will achieve the asking price. New buyers want a well presented home not a home with a list of problems to fix when they move in.

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