Planning a Place for a Safe in Your New Home

Planning a Place for a Safe in Your New Home
May 05 11:04 2015

Homeowners often bring a safe into their home for the purpose of storing valuable items as well as guns.  Jewelry and other items need to be safe to prevent theft.  Guns need to be inaccessible to young children.  Mounting Solutions Plus is dedicated to providing storage options that maximize gun safety.  Families can feel secure knowing that younger family members are safe from accidents.

In most cases a closet or nook is used to house the safe, however, this uses space that is needed for specified household goods. This also makes the items less accessible.  Some items stored in a safe may be desirable for daily use, such as jewelry.  The lady of the house can dress in style knowing her valuables are nearby and ready at a moment’s notice.  A jewelry safe can be placedconveniently near a dressing area if it is included in the housing plans.

 A jewelry safe is not like other storage units and should be planned with thought.  Stuffing a safe on the floor of a closet makes the owner less likely to use it.  This lack of use results in expensive belongings finding resting places out in the open and easy targets for thieves.  When planning a home with this in mind a jewelry safe can be as easy to use as the traditional jewelry box.  The size and shape can be customized, as well as the height of installation.

Gone are the days when one has to make a special trip to the garage or basement to lock up special items.  A safe can be put anywhere in the home with proper planning.  The convenience of planning promises more frequent use and lessens the likelihood of unfortunate events.

Homeowners with guns for protection or recreational use prefer to keep young children safe from harm, while keeping protective weapons nearby in case of an emergency.  A master bedroom safe is a perfect solution for keeping a close eye on your guns.  Of course, closet space may be limited and not allow for a large gun safe.   Preparation of a separate space customized for the safe assures adequate closet space and avoids the unsightly nuisance of having a safe sticking out in an awkward area.

A homeowner should plan early for these necessities to avoid them becoming an issue once the home is built.  A safe in modern times is more important than in the past, with larger cities and higher crime rates precautions must be taken.  These safety measures, however, do not need to impede on the beauty and convenience of your home environment.  Plan ahead and rest easy knowing your belongings will be safe and easily accessible.

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