Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying A New Conservatory

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying A New Conservatory
April 24 14:28 2015

What Will You Use The Conservatory For?

Knowing the purpose of the new conservatory is a good place to start when considering purchasing a conservatory. You will be able to answer the following questions more easily once you have established what the main focus of the new extension will be used for.

Of course conservatories are very flexible and you may decide to use it as a child’s play room to begin with and once the children have grown up, to turn the room into a sitting room. Bear in mind the option to change its use so you can forward plan and make any changes in the future should you need to do so.

What Style Would You Like?

There are four main types of conservatories Edwardian, Victorian, Gable and the modern Lean To Conservatory. If none of these styles match your requirements then you can always consider having a bespoke design created for you.

What Frame Will Best Suit Your Home?

Frames for conservatories fall into 3 main categories timber, aluminium and uPVC. All 3 have their own benefits and disadvantages. Take into consideration your budget, house type and how much maintenance you are prepared to do when making your choice.

What Size Should You Go For?

Best course of action is to use the “golden ratio rule” which is used by architects to artists. To find the perfect size for your conservatory you should measure the length of the side of the house it will be built onto and adhere to a ratio of 1:1.168.

So for example the average house in the UK is 28 feet wide so the width of the conservatory would be approximately 17.5 feet. The depth of the conservatory will be determined by the amount of garden you have and how you intend to use the space.

What Type Of Roof Do You Want?

There are two choices open to you which are; polycarbonate sheets these can come in a clear, opal or bronze finish and then the other option is to fit 28mm glass sealed units  which you can then add a low e-coating to improve efficiency.

Note: Glass units are more expensive than polycarbonate sheets.

What Type Of Windows and Doors Will Be Fitted?

Look for 28mm double glazed sealed units, using 4mm toughened safety glass as standard for your windows and ensure that the company provides high security locks for both windows and doors.

The doors that connect the house to the garden need to be an external type door. The style can then be either sliding, French or bi-folding doors. The doors from the conservatory to the garden can be of the same style.

What Type Of Lighting will You Need?

If you intend to use your conservatory in the evening then consideration of how you will light the room needs to be undertaken. Soft lighting can be achieved by using uplighter, down lighters, spot lights on a dimmer switch and lamps.

What Flooring Will Best Suit?

To help the conservatory blend in with the original house it is worth matching the connecting rooms floor type with the new conservatory floor. Flooring that works well in a conservatory includes tiles, slate, laminate and timber. Carpets are not such a good choice and should be avoided.

Once you have answered all of the above questions you will be on the right path to buying your new conservatory!

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