This Means War: Control Mosquitoes

This Means War: Control Mosquitoes
September 23 21:54 2016

Picture this: It’s Saturday night, and you are planning an epic barbeque with family. Your nieces, your nephews, your grandmother and grandfather and everyone on both sides of the family are going to be there. While the husband fires up the grill and gets the food ready for your guests, you decide to take a peek around the yard to make sure there is no debris or anything that needs to be tidied up.

Within a minute of entering your yard, you feel a tingling sensation on your leg, followed by the unmistakable itch. Yup, that itch: the one that makes you slap your ankle in frustration, curse at the mosquitoes, and reach for the bug spray. “Honey,” you yell, “Bring me some Off?”

“It’s all gone,” he replies casually, from the grill. “I used it all– yesterday.” In this moment, the only thing you want to slap more than the mosquitoes is him. Doesn’t he understand the importance of mosquito control in Charleston, SC?

No bug spray? Guests coming over? You live in the South, baby– you live in Charleston, South Carolina! Mosquitoes are serious business around here! With everything that is going around, including the dreaded Zika virus, you panic a little inside thinking about all of the guests that will be arriving soon– especially the little children, your beloved nieces and nephews.

Now, stop. Thankfully, this is just a story, and not your reality, at least, not today. In this new story, your husband had an incredible idea a couple of weeks before this barbeque get-together. He decided to look into something revolutionary and simple all at once: professional mosquito control!

Mosquito ControlinCharleston, SCis available through several private businesses (you can find these on Google and they usually include detailed reviews so you know what to expect) and also state agencies. The Charleston County Government takes steps to keep the mosquito population under control, since they tend to be rampant in the Lowcountry region. Instead of steering clear of the outdoors or dousing yourself in toxic, smelly bug spray, why not call one of these experts? They have several tried-and-true methods for giving pesky and dangerous mosquitoes a swift and sturdy kick in the behind.

The Mosquito Control Program in Charleston County also focuses on educating the public in the “war against mosquitoes” ( They recognize the importance of a strategic plan that combines public awareness and avoidance in order to eradicate the mosquito populations and keep citizens safe. Unfortunately, many people do not take the mosquito threat seriously, as they consider it more of a nuisance than a serious danger. This program aims to change these people’s perspectives and inform them on the genuine dangers of mosquitoes and mosquito bites.

So, if you are thinking about hiring mosquito control but are hesitant to spend the money because you consider them more of a nuisance than anything– stop right there! Pick up the phone! There are many resources available to you, including several listed in this article. Most of all, remember this expression:

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the ’Skeeters bite. If they do, take a shoe, knock them black and blue!”

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