Tips for Buying Bathroom Vanities

Tips for Buying Bathroom Vanities
October 07 07:49 2017

A bathroom vanity is a common piece of furniture that is mostly found in larger-sized bathrooms. It’s basically a combination of the bathroom sink or basin as well as an additional set of storage cabinets surrounding the sink. The vanity usually falls under the category of bathroom cabinetry, apart from the fact that it also holds the sink as well as the concealed plumbing around the sink. The bench top is one of the defining features of the bathroom vanity and is available in stone, cement, laminate, wood, and many other materials.

As you can imagine, the vanity is basically the centrepiece of any bathroom that it’s kept in. Due to the fact that it is the main feature of the bathroom, it comes in a number of different shapes and sizes. You can purchase bathroom vanities in many different styles ranging from art deco and contemporary to minimalist as well as French and provincial designs. Some vanities have long, gentle curves whereas others have sharp curves and open shelving. It really depends upon the style that you want for the bathroom as well as the amount of space that you have available. Here are a few tips for you that will help you out if you are in the market to buy a vanity.

Stone Vanities Are Low-Maintenance

You may have seen wooden vanities in many bathrooms. While they look extremely stylish and elegant, they require a lot of maintenance. Due to the increased amount of moisture in the air in the bathroom, the wood starts to wither away after a while. You will need to get it polished after every couple of years or so and you also have to make sure that you prevent water from splashing onto the vanity. If it does, you will need to clean it right away or it’s likely to leave a mark on the surface.

On the other hand, stone vanities don’t require a lot of maintenance. They might be heavier than their wooden counterparts but they definitely aren’t high-maintenance. You just need to wipe them down every day in order to keep the vanity looking neat and clean. They are also available in a number of unique patterns and styles so you can choose one that complements the paint job in your bathroom.

Check the Size

Before buying any vanity for your bathroom, you have to carefully check the size. Vanities are usually available in single and double sizes, though you can also contract a local furniture manufacturer to create a vanity of a custom size. If the vanity is a tight fit in your bathroom, it will start looking overcrowded and thus destroy the appeal of the space.


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