Tips for Ramping Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Tips for Ramping Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal
August 31 12:49 2017

Has your home lost its luster and is no longer a welcoming oasis?  This often happens with older homes or when maintenance has been deferred.  So often it’s touted that the single biggest thing you can do to improve your home’s property value is to upgrade the bathrooms and kitchens. While this is by all means true, first impressions are always set by a home’s curb appeal.

Maintaining your home and landscaping is important whether you’re moving in our moving out.  You home is your sanctuary and should welcome you as you enter the drive. Follow these recommendations from the real estate and landscaping professionals to ramps up your homes curb appeal in a few short weekends with minimal investment at your local home improvement store.

Stand across the street from your home ready to make a list of items that need attention. Is your landscaping overgrown or sparse?  What are the condition of the shutters, gutters and railings?  Most items you’ll more than likely be able to attend to on your own but others will need the help of a professional. Take a critical look at the front porch, front door, mailbox, lighting and house numbers. Each of these components needs to be addressed to create a cohesive, updated and welcome curb appeal to your home.

Armed with your list, set aside a budget and a few weekends to knock out the items on your list. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon and select a pair of seriously comfortable athletic shoes from the huge selection available from Footlocker. You’ll be on your feet and comfort and support are critical!

Attack the landscaping first. All shrubbery should be trimmed and shaped below the windows and walkways. If planting new shrubbery, plant ample distance away from your home’s foundation to allow room for future growth. Space shrubbery materials according to instructions from the nursery.

Retrench planting beds and add pine straw or pine bark as needed. Tree limbs should be cut at least 8 feet above the ground to allow ease of passage and ample sunlight for grass maintenance. Select an area by the mailbox and front porch for bedding flowers. Fresh pops of seasonal color are always welcoming. If you have a large selection of flowering ornamentals, you can skip this step as annual bedding flowers do require substantial maintenance and watering.

Select a fresh paint color for the front door and shutters that compliments the existing color on the exterior of the home. Remind yourself that selecting a baby’s name is a big decision; selecting a color for a $20 gallon of paint is not.  Sand and paint the front door and shutters as needed. Update the lighting and house numbers. Select an area on or near the front steps for a large planter of seasonal bedding plants for a fresh and welcoming pop of color.  Step back and marvel at the fruits of your labor. You’ll certainly feel welcomed by your ‘new’ home now.

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