Top 2 Blackstone Outdoor Gas Griddles For Your Kitchen

January 08 11:03 2021

Outdoor gas griddles are dominating the cooking appliance market big time. Do you too have plans to get your own outdoor gas griddle this time? Well, when it comes to best gas griddle models out there, Blackstone is one of the most preferred brands, From professional chefs to smart homeowners, all have posted rave reviews about Blackstone products. Good thing is, Blackstone offers outdoor gas griddles for both commercial and domestic kitchens. So, whether you are looking for a great outdoor griddle for your new café or for your recently renovated lawn, you will have your answer with Blackstone models. Much to your convenience, you can check out some of the best outdoor gas griddles from Blackstone here on

Blackstone 36” 1554

This Blackstone beauty comes with 4 burners that collectively assure a massive 60,000 BTU capacity. As the 36 inch Blackstone griddle offers 4 independent heat controlling system, you will easily have separate cooking areas for different kinds of food requiring different levels of heat. For example, the heat level required for meat is always different from that required for vegetables. Multiple burners on the same cooktop allow you to cook both these items on the same cooktop yet on separate zones. It eventually assures faster cooking, much to the convenience of users. Then, the Blackstone model on this page boasts a sturdy cooktop made of stainless steel. You will be able to cook all kinds of meals here and that too in huge quantities. In fact, the griddle would be great for commercial kitchens that need to whip up massive quantities of different food items at once, say, 70+ hot dogs as well as burgers in on go.

In fact, this 36” griddle will be your best culinary partner for all 3 food hours, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The good part is the advanced  model carries an innovative in-built grease management system at the rear for an effort-less and hassle-free cooking experience.

Besides, the griddle here assures easy maintenance.

Top features of Blackstone 1554 36 inch gas grill

  • 60,000 BTUs power output with 4 burners
  • Independent burners and each of them is backed by independent ignition capacity
  • 720 sq. inches cooking surface
  • 7 Gauge cold rolled Stainless steel top
  • Weight: around 120 pounds
  • In-built quick ignition technology
  • 4 heavy-duty commercial-grade casters
  • Advanced grease management technology
  • Higher heat distribution and heat retention
  • Fasteners available for propane gas tank
  • Two shelves on sides
  • 1 storage tray

Blackstone 1517 gas griddle

In comparison to the Blackstone griddle mentioned above, this one is a smaller model and is especially suitable for small families. The portable tabletop griddle comes with a 470 sq. inches cooking surface and two versatile H heat and temperature control burners and both of them assures adjustable heat power. It helps you to achieve dual heating sectors so that you can cook up diverse food items at once.

As per the hod9 article, this Blackstone outdoor gas griddle allows even distribution of heat on cooking surface. It’s a huge benefit for users as even heat distribution eliminates risks of undercooked food and food getting burnt. Besides, mention must be made of the griddle’s smart grease management feature that prevents food particles and juices do not get blended with cooked food. Also, the easy grease managing system assures easy cleaning of the cooktop after cooking.

Then, the Blackstone 1517 model is conveniently portable with its 2 wheels. Thanks to the wheels, the griddle can be shifted from one place to another across your house or to your lawn with ease. And how many food items can it cook at one go? Well, this Blackstone model will be able to cook as many as 12 burgers or 25” hot dogs as well as 16 eggs at one go. So, if you often arrange for small rendezvous with close friends, count on this Blackstone unit. In other words, if you are looking for best flat top grills for domestic use, this is the griddle for you.

The source of power for the griddle is propane gas. You will need a 20 lbs propane tank here with hose adapter.

Top Features of the Blackstone 1517

  • 24,000 BTUs power output with two burners
  • 470 sq.inch cooking surface
  • Cold rolled Stainless steel top
  • Steel front plate
  • Two H type versatile burners
  • Double heat control capacity (adjustable)
  • Advanced in-built ignition technology
  • Rubber feet feature with customizable height
  • Enhanced grease management technology
  • Heat-resistant handle grips
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