Use Silk Palm Trees To Give Your Home A Tropical Look

Use Silk Palm Trees To Give Your Home A Tropical Look
April 16 08:51 2015

It would be so nice if you could visit the tropics whenever you wish, but alas, life doesn’t allow such luxuries. However, what you can do is to bring tropics to your home. Yes, tropical décor ideas would make your home look relaxed and fun. How do you make your home look tropical? Here are a few ideas.

How to adopt tropical home décor ideas

Tropics are all about the mood and to create it you need the perfect combination of textures and colors. Your furnishings and décor items should also enhance the mood. You can choose soft colors like off-whites or even bolder ones like corals or turquoises to make your home look tropical. However, one thing is a must to make your home look tropical and that is plenty of green. You can incorporate green in the form of wallpapers, posters or wall decorations. However, I would suggest getting a few palm trees to create the real feel and look of the tropics. No need to stare at the screen like that and say, what!  I’m asking you to get silk palm trees which are realistic looking, affordable, easy to maintain and come in a large variety to suit your preference.

How to choose silk palm trees in your home décor

A visit to any home décor store would reveal a vast range of fake tropical trees. Let us provide you with a few tips to choose the right fake palm trees for your home.

The date palm tree has a large crown of leaves but no branches along the trunk on the way up. It is suitable for the corners of a living room or enclosed patio. Use a big earthen pot to place it in as this will give it enough weight to stand up when filled with your choice of filler.

If you have a big room, the areca palm tree may be the right choice to make it look tropical. Who said a palm tree has to be placed at the corner? If it’s a large enough room, a large phoenix palm tree can be placed at the center of the room with its crown fanning out. Don’t forget to get a unique pot in white or brown to hold the plant and that would add a touch of drama to the home décor. To add another touch of the tropics fill the planter or top it off with sand to give you a beach feel. Be careful though if you have cats as they may think it’s for them.

If putting a big palm tree on the floor cramps the room, go for corners, behind furniture or next to a bright window. Smaller plants in beautiful pots can adorn the windows and filter in the light.

Always get a palm tree that looks real. Pay attention to the trunk and the branches too. Keep your palm trees clean and add shells and rocks as fillers in the pots. Some silk palm trees have natural material mixed with artificial material to give the palm the most realistic look.

There are many tropical decorating ideas that you can adopt in your home or office and using silk palm trees is just one of them. Go ahead and experiment to find the perfect look for your home.

If you’re considering silk palm trees for your home or office, take a look at some of the varieties located at Quality Silk Plants.

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