What Is The Leaffilter Gutter Protection And Why Should You Use It?

What Is The Leaffilter Gutter Protection And Why Should You Use It?
November 23 04:20 2017

As the fall season approaches, so does the scare that you will have your gutters clogged yet again. Leaves can easily block your gutters, which in the end can lead to dust, grime and water accumulation. Plus, water can easily leak on the walls and reach your foundation. So, it’s important to protect your home and your roof against gutter problems. And that’s where the Leaffilter gutter protection comes into play!

What is the Leaffilter gutter protection?

Leaffilter is a company focused on offering you a unique solution to clogged gutters. The idea is simple; you have a filter that gets added on top of your gutters. The filter will not allow any leaves to accumulate in your gutters, but the water will still pass through, and the gutters will do their job.

This way you can avoid any structural damage, not to mention that you can also prevent any foundation issues as well. The Leaffilter gutter protection comes with expert installation included in the price, and you just have to do some regular maintenance from time to time. Not only that, but the entire system won’t disturb your shingles or roof. Anything remains the same, the only thing that changes is that your gutters will have a filter that will let water flow, all while leaves are pushed away.

Leaffilter gutter protection benefits

The Leaffilter gutter protection system doesn’t have any large openings, gaps or holes. So there’s no need to worry about any leaves that will accumulate out of nowhere. The entire system is custom made. We come to you, measure the gutters and then create a customize Leaffilter gutter protection system according to those measurements. Thanks to this custom approach, the results are more than ok, and the experience shines a lot.

Also, you receive a lifetime, transferrable warranty (in case you sell your home) and free gutter realignment and cleaning too. Basically, the system is designed to last for a very long time, and you will never have to worry about any issues.

How does the Leaffilter gutter protection work?

You can see the Leaffilter gutter protection system as a lid on a box. You have a dedicated debris shredding gutter guard and a small filter attached on top of it. Both of them are seamlessly attached to one another to create a single unit. The entire unit is added directly to your gutters, and there will be no open spaces or anything similar.

Instead, once the Leaffilter gutter protection is attached, you will have a fully sealed system that helps you prevent leaves or any pieces of debris from entering your gutters.

If you always wanted to find a reliable and professional way to protect your gutters, then the Leaffilter gutter protection is the right system for you to use. Not only does it run very well, but the results are certainly second to none because of that. It’s always important to protect your gutters, as any clogged gutters can easily lead to home damage. So, opt for the Leaffilter gutter protection today and keep your home away from foundation and wall damage! You will not be disappointed!

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